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Welcome to the Lost Games Wiki. This wiki documents information about video games which were never released by the publishers. This includes information about prototypes that have been found of the games, as well as information about how they were advertised and the like. Enjoy your stay.

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Earthbound Zero Title Screen.PNG
Earth Bound is the planned English localization of Mother, an RPG for the Famicom about Ninten, a young boy with psychic powers, in his quest to save Earth from alien invasion. A prototype of the English version was put up for sale on the newsgroup, and ended up being purchased for $125.

Did You Know...


Happily Ever After Title Screen.PNG
  • Prototypes of Global Gladiators for the NES and Game Boy were found and dumped in June 2016.
  • A prototype of THQ's version of Tetris DS was dumped in June 2016.
  • A prototype of Happily Ever After for the NES (pictured) was dumped in May 2016.
  • An untitled, unreleased Neo Geo fighting game was discovered and dumped in April 2016.
  • The SNES prototype of Lobo was dumped in March 2016.