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Triumph flyer by vge.jpeg
Platform Game Boy

Nintendo Entertainment System

Publisher Hudson Soft
Planned Release Date USA 1991

Triumph is a strategy fantasy game that Hudson Soft planned to release for Famicom and Game Boy. A release in North America was scheduled, but both NES and Game Boy were cancelled. Only in Europe, Game Boy was released as Castle Quest, the Japanese title. NES version was also reviewed by Nintendo Power.

On Nov 5, 2011, German NintendoAge user chipmonk posted that he had a Game Boy Triumph in the thread.[1] Matt and Mark Nolan once sent a prototype cart from another NA user, and they dumped and emailed it to the user who sent the cart. chipmonk then sold the prototype to Austrian NA user Intangir (Assemblergames username is Sporefrog08).[2][3][4] Similarly, NA user adler_0 says he bought it from a Californian guy who picked it up at a yard sale. On Feb 20, 2019, DillyDylan had another prototype and surfaced it.[5][6] Currently, only two prototype carts can be confirmed, but if you match the references, there will be four carts.

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