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This is a list of beta elements in Earth Bound.

Unused graphics[edit | edit source]

Two unused enemies are present in the game's code, both of which have full stats.[1] One is a possessed pillow, similar to the Lamp and Doll enemies fought in Ninten's house at the beginning of the game. Its stats are mostly identical to the Lamp's, except it has slightly less HP. It shares its name pointers with the Doll enemy.

The other enemy appears to be Pippi, who is never fought in the actual game. Her stats appear to be placeholders, as they are all unusually low, except for her PP, which is extremely high. Pippi shares her name pointers with the Gang Zombie enemy. Both enemies use generic attacks in battle.

Unused items[edit | edit source]

Modifying the RAM address $29 modifies the items in the player's inventory.


Using it displays the message "Nothing happened.". Has the description ".......".


Cannot be used or thrown away. In the re-release, Mother 1+2, a new item was added called the "Memory Chip", which may be related.


Acts exactly like the normal map. Using it displays the message "Ninten checked the map.".


Poisons an enemy.


Turns an enemy to stone, which acts as a one-hit kill.


This item is used in an event at Twinkle Elementary School, but is not stored in the player's inventory. Has the description "System Error!!!".

Unused text[edit | edit source]

Spooky!! The doll walks by itself!

Likely meant to be used for the Doll's description.


This version identifier is found in the ROM at 3FF0.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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