Urban Convoy

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Urban Convoy
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Publisher Matchbox
Planned Release Date USA August 1990

Urban Convoy is a cancelled truck driving simulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was planned for release in 1990.[1] Not much is known about it, and no prototypes have surfaced so far.



  1. "1200 pounds and 700 turbo-charged diesel horsepower all on 18 wheels rocket you over 100 miles per hour! But size and speed isn't all you'll need. URBAN CONVOY pits you against the real world with schedules, deliveries, pickups and planning through city and country driving conditions and terrain in a challenge of brains, coordination and skill. You are behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art 'Semi. Twelve speeds and full instrumentation are at your command with the real challenges of the open road trying to stop you. Weather, traffic obstacles, renegade truckers and 'Smokey' are all working against you!" Video Game Quest (page 4.42).