Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Publisher Hi-Tech Expressions
Planned Release Date USA 1991[1]

Twin Peaks is a cancelled adaptation of the surrealist TV show of the same name, which would have been a "mystery/brainteaser" game with multiple endings.[2] Other than its mentions in several gaming magazines, nothing is known about Twin Peaks, and no prototypes have surfaced.


  1. "The incredibly bizarre ABC series Twin Peaks is coming to the NES some time in 1991. Expect the NES title to be a mystery/brainteaser type cart, rather than an action game, complete with all those strange characters that make Twin Peaks so much fun." GamePro December 1990 (page 120).
  2. "Twin Peaks, which is based on the bizarre T.V. show, will be role playing in style, with the player trying to solve the mysteries of Twin Peaks as one of the many strange characters on the show. The plot is based on the second season, with multiple endings possible depending on which character is played." Nintendo Power issue 22 (page 97).