Time Diver: Eon Man

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Time Diver: Eon Man
Eon man title.png
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer A.I
Publisher Taito
Designer(s) Shouichi Yoshikawa, Noriyoshi Innai
Programmer(s) Hiroyuki Arai(Main), Hayato Kumatori(Sub)
Planned Release Date USA 1993

Time Diver: Eon Man is a beat 'em up for NES planned to be released by Taito. A review of the Strategy Guide was posted at Nintendo Power Issue 45 (February 1993), but the game was never released. According to game designer Shuichi Yoshikawa, it was originally planned to be developed as a sequel to "Wrath of the Black Manta"[1]. The game was not officially released, but a prototype ROM was uploaded by Frank Cifaldi in February 2007 and can now be played[2].

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