Super Square Deal

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Super Square Deal
Super Square Deal Title.PNG
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer Hect
Publisher DTMC
Planned Release Date USA Unknown

Super Square Deal is a Tetris clone featuring cards that fall in a five-by-five grid, and have to be matched up based on their number or suit.[1] Although the American version was cancelled, Super Square Deal was released in Japan under the name Great Deal. No prototypes of the American version have surfaced.



  1. "Super Square Deal, made for the NES, and Square Deal, made for Game Boy, are more or less the same game. They fit in the mold of puzzle games like Tetris, Hatris and Dr. Mario. In this case, we're dealing with cards that fall into a five-by-five grid and the object is to match three cards of the same number or suit." Nintendo Power, issue 34 (page 103).