Super Mario's Wacky Worlds

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Super Mario's Wacky Worlds
Platform Philips CD-i
Developer NovaLogic
Publisher Philips Media
Designer(s) Marty Foulger
Programmer(s) John Brooks
Silas Warner
Artist(s) Nina Stanley
Planned Release Date USA 1993

Super Mario's Wacky Worlds is a planned sequel to Super Mario World for the Philips CD-i. Three prototypes have surfaced so far, one of which sold on Ebay for $1,000, and the ROM has been made available to the public.

The prototype ROM is extremely incomplete. For example, Mario can't slide or swim, no powerups exist, and enemies disappear when jumped on and can't harm Mario. Several levels are also nonfunctional or lacking graphics. Worlds usually contain around two or three levels, which end with either Warp Pipes or M-shaped gates. However, the exits were never programmed, so the player can't leave unless they restart the game.

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