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Stop prototype.jpg
Platform Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom

Stop is a puzzle game planned for the Sega Genesis and Sega Game Gear, which was cancelled because it was thought too difficult for the age group it was targeted to. Only five copies of Stop exist, three owned by Sega and two owned by Capcom. The only known owners of the games are Keiji Inafune, Yuji Naka, and Tom Omparence. All known copies of Stop are the Genesis version.

The game starts with a raccoon named Rory and a cat named Amy playing ball, and dropping their ball in the "never-ending road". The objective of the game is to arrange stop signs to get cars to stop so Rory and Amy can go through. There are 14 worlds, with 18 levels in each world. Each world has a boss, each boss giving a different power-up when defeated.

The bosses in order are Sally Shark, Flying Frank, Billy Bird, Jimmy Jellyfish, Danny Dragon, Flo the Flower, Ella Elephant, Gummy Goat, Timmy Turkey, Berty Bear, Bertha Badger, Celia Carp, Harry Hippo, and Jerimiah the Jumbo Shrimp. At the end of the game, Jerimiah takes the ball and threatens to pop it. When you defeat him, he cries and says he just wants a friend, so Rory and Amy become his friends.

To date, the ROM has never been dumped.