Sound Fantasy

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Sound Fantasy
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Planned Release Date Japan 1993
USA 1994
Also Known As
Sound Factory

Sound Fantasy is a planned successor to Mario Paint, which would have been bundled with the ill-fated SNES Mouse. Two Japanese prototypes of Sound Fantasy (under the name Sound Factory) exist, which were owned by NintendoAge user steven78,[1] and quickly sold on Ebay.[2]

One was sold to a Japanese collector,[3] and the other was sold to an anonymous person who had the ROM released to the public. The two prototypes appear identical, and likely have no differences. No prototypes of the final version have surfaced.

Sound Fantasy includes four (three in the prototype) minigames:

  • Pix Quartet: A drawing minigame, where placing differently colored pixels on the playing field affects the movement and sound produced by various bugs. In the prototype's saved files, there exists a scene labeled "Mario's 10th birthday", which plays the Happy Birthday song.
  • Beat Hopper: A Q*bert-like game where the player tries to destroy discs by jumping on them a specific number of times. The graphics are completely different between the prototype and final version.
  • Ice Sweeper: An Arkanoid clone. Not much is known about it, as it is not present in the prototype.
  • Star Fly: A game in which the player has to place music notes on an invisible set of bars.

Numerous differences between the prototype and final version exist, as documented on LuigiBlood's website.[4]

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