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Soldam review.jpg
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Publisher Jaleco
Planned Release Date Japan July 1992

Soldam (ソルダム) is a canceled puzzle game for Famicom. Originally an arcade game released in 1992.
From December 10th to 11th 2016, prototype ROM was displayed with Ōkami Tachi no Yabō at Jaleco Ten (ジャレコ展, meaning Jaleco Expo). It was also displayed at Jaleco Cafe, which opened in Akihabara and Shin-Osaka from November 28 to December 15, 2017.[1] In addition, City Connection Channel(Live streaming by City Connection, a video game company independent of Jaleco.) streamed gameplay. (Currently the time shift is over and you cannot watch it.)
Nobuhiro Yoshikawa, President of City Connection, announced on Twitter that he wanted to release Soldam with Okami. And we announced the release of the Jaleco Rom Casette Collection as a game for the Nintendo Switch, and it was revealed that Soldam would be included there.[2]

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