Ōji Binbin Monogatari

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Ōji Binbin Monogatari
Oji Binbin Monogatari.jpg
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer East Cube
Planned Release Date Japan Unknown

Ōji Binbin Monogatari (王子ビンビン物語, meaning Legend of the Throbbing Prince) is a cancelled Famicom port of the PC-98 RPG, Ōji Binbin Monogatari: Sorekara Hakusho. The game is about a prince whose wife, Snow White, leaves him. His parents, the king and queen, are upset with him and lock him out of the castle, only allowing him back in if he wins Snow White back. The prince then sets out to search for Snow White and bring her home.[1]

The screenshots featured in Famitsu depict the original PC-98 version, and no screenshots or prototypes of the Famicom version are known to exist.


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