Mr. Bill's Neighborhood

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Mr. Bill's Neighborhood
Platform Atari 2600
Developer Data Age
Publisher Data Age
Planned Release Date USA April 1983

Mr. Bill's Neighborhood is a cancelled Atari 2600 game based on the Mr. Bill Saturday Night Live sketches. It would have been the first Mr. Bill video game, if it were released. The game was shown at the 1983 Winter CES.

In Mr. Bill's Neighborhood, the player would have to save Mr. Bill and his family from their nemesis, Sluggo. Additionally, Mr. Hands would grab Mr. Bill and push him towards Sluggo.

Mr. Bill's Neighborhood was cancelled due to a combination of Data Age's previous game, Journey Escape, selling poorly and the 1983 video game crash. The game was fully completed before being cancelled, but no prototypes have surfaced.