Mouko Densetsu'95: Hanshin Tigers

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Mouko Densetsu'95: Hanshin Tigers
Tigers ads.jpg
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Satellaview
Developer Arc System Works
Publisher Angel
Planned Release Date Japan March-September 1995

Mouko Densetsu'95: Hanshin Tigers (猛虎伝説'95 阪神タイガース Legend of Fierce Tiger '95: Hanshin Tigers) is a cancelled game for SNES with the theme of the Japanese professional baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers. It was planned to be released in around March but would see delay per month up to September until it was cancelled when Angel posted an apology on December 1, 1995 issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that it actually missed the window of the 1995 season. Hanshin Tigers' poor performance may be also played a factor in cancellation. It was also planned to broadcast between July 24 to 30, 1995 for Peripheral's Satellaview, a Super Famicom dedicated satellite modem.
However, it was never appear on the list of software already distributed on Satellaview Tsūshin No. 11, p. 15, as such, the distribution was never really happened. The game was finished according to the former debugger (which also confirmed the developer).[1]

On July 5, 2022, an Filipino collector found a 65% completed prototype though the stock of mostly SNES prototypes. He uploaded the gameplay on Twitter. He also had plans to share his prototypes (including Mouko Densetsu'95: Hanshin Tigers) eventually.[2]

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