Mahō no Shōjo Silky Lip: Sannin no Joō Kōho

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Mahō no Shōjo Silky Lip: Sannin no Joō Kōho
Silky lip v3.1.jpgVersion 3.1 Title Screeen

Silky lip v5.0.jpgVersion 5.0 Title Screeen
Silky lip v7.0.jpgVersion 7.0 Title Screeen

Platform PC Engine SUPER CD-ROM2
Developer RiOT
Lip Team
Publisher Nihon Telenet
Director(s) Shojiro Endo
Planned Release Date Japan 1994

Mahō no Shōjo Silky Lip: Sannin no Joō Kōho (魔法の少女シルキーリップ 三人の女王候補, meaning Magical Girl Silky Lip: The Three Queen Candidates) is an adventure game that was released for Sega CD in 1992, and was later planned to be ported to PC Engine SUPER CD-ROM2, but was cancelled.
The battle scenes and field maps that were on the Sega CD version have been cut, and the conversation scenes have been changed to Novels format with a closer look.
Later, a prototype ROM was exhibited at Yahoo Auction and sold.

Background of development[edit | edit source]

Shojiro Endo, who was the director, suggested the development of the PC Engine version from the beginning on the background of the development, but it was turned down once. After that, the department to which Endo belonged was dismantled and transferred to the PC Engine development department. development department devised a new game and launched a game called Jūsō Blenaid(重装ブレナイド) for PC Engine, but development was suddenly cancelled in eight months.
Suddenly Blenaid was cancelled and ordered to develop Silky Lip, causing the development department to mess up. Two months have passed since Blenaid started development, so Endo rejected the order but ultimately had to obey. Endo suggested to the company that the silky lip be developed for eight months, but was rejected and the development period was now six months.
As a result of discussion with the company, we agreed to develop a renewal version and started development. The scenario and character design were recreated from scratch, and the sound was re-recorded, but the release was cancelled.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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