The Magic Candle

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The Magic Candle
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer American Sammy[1]
Publisher American Sammy
Planned Release Date USA Early 1993[2]
Also Known As
Magic Candle World

The Magic Candle is an NES port of the PC game of the same name, which was released in Japan in 1991. An American release was planned, but cancelled for unknown reasons.



  1. "American Sammy inked a contract with Mindcraft Software Inc. to develop and publish a version of The Magic Candle for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mike Yamamoto, American Sammy's president, states, 'It was a truly historic event for us - we had been trying to obtain this title for months!'" Video Games & Computer Entertainment, January 1991 (page 26).
  2. "Below is a brief overview of what's in store from your favorite game companies early in 1993... American Sammy: Magic Candle World." Game Informer, March/April 1993 (page 31).