List of Star Fox 2 beta elements

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This is a list of beta elements in Star Fox 2.

Unused stage[edit | edit source]

An unused stage can be accessed by going to the Test menu, selecting Venom, and setting Planet Step to 06.[1] The unused map resembles a small neighborhood, and the HUD lists nine targets to destroy, which are not present. There are several objects which can be destroyed, but do not count as targets. There is also an item that can be collected by destroying the object on top of the church, but it does nothing. Additionally, several collision errors are present.

Unused audio[edit | edit source]

Two voice samples (one male, one female) saying "1-Up!" exist in the game's data, implying Star Fox 2 may have originally featured a lives system.

File:SF2 unused oneupmaleslowed.ogg File:SF2 oneupfemale slowed.ogg

References[edit | edit source]

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