List of Parody World: Monster Party beta elements

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This is a list of beta elements in Parody World: Monster Party.

Unused graphics[edit | edit source]

Unused boss[edit | edit source]

Totem Pole1.png
Totem Pole2.png
I'm a totem pole!
Well then, who do you suppose is talking?

A totem pole boss was meant to be included in Round 7, but was scrapped for unknown reasons. However, it is still present in the Japanese game's coding, and can be seen by changing ROM address 0x9C6E from 91 to B3 and entering the Giant Spider II's room.[2]

However, due to incomplete coding, the boss only slides back and forth, lacking any form of attack. Additionally, only the bottom two segments damage the player.

References[edit | edit source]

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