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These are the warning templates on the Lost Games Wiki:

Once issued, warnings cannot be removed without administrator approval. User talk pages containing warnings can be archived as long as the original warnings are intact.

Types of Warnings[edit]

There are three types of warnings on the Lost Games Wiki, which correspond to offenses of varying levels of severity. In the event of repeated offenses, warnings issued become more severe.


Reminders are minor offenses, which are designated with the {{Reminder}} template. Reminder-worthy offenses include:

  • Frequently writing with poor grammar/spelling
  • Consistently not marking minor edits as minor
  • Consistently marking large edits as minor edits
  • Making a flood of minor edits to one page
  • Using edit summaries for commentary
  • Changing American spellings to British spellings or vice versa
  • Editing user pages too frequently compared to wiki articles


Warnings are moderate offenses, which are designated with the {{Warning}} template. Warning-worthy offenses include:

  • Adding false information to articles
  • Removing other users' messages from talk pages (with the exception of vandalism)
  • Editing other users' messages on talk pages (with the exception of correcting formatting issues)
  • Edit warring
  • Removing warnings without administrator approval
  • Giving illegitimate warnings to other users
  • Behaving rudely towards other users

Last Warnings[edit]

Last Warnings are major offenses, which are designated with the {{Lastwarn}} template. Last Warning-worthy offenses include:

  • Vandalism
  • Impersonating other users
  • Pretending to be an administrator
  • Creating sockpuppet accounts to evade temporary bans

Automatic Bans[edit]

Some offenses are severe enough to warrant an automatic ban from the Lost Games Wiki. Those include:

  • Having an inappropriate username
  • Creating an account solely to advertise on the wiki
  • Creating an account solely to attack other users