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This policy details what the Lost Games Wiki does and does not cover.

What the Lost Games Wiki covers[edit]

Unreleased games[edit]

Any game that wasn't officially released on the market during its console's lifespan, in any way, shape, or form. This applies regardless of whether a game got an unofficial release later (for example, as a reproduction), or whether it was released officially much later for a different console (such as Deep Pockets: Super Pro Pool and Billiards). Examples: Bio Force Ape, Chip's Challenge, Happily Ever After.

Games with cancelled localizations[edit]

Any game with a cancelled release in a particular region also falls under the wiki's coverage. Examples: Earth Bound, Mega Board, Mini Putt.

Games that were released under a different title[edit]

Any game with a different title early in development is considered an unreleased game by the wiki's standards, especially if it has drastic differences in gameplay. However, it is important that there are screenshots or other evidence confirming the existence of said earlier title, as gaming magazines had the tendency to misname games. Additionally, prototypes with obvious placeholder titles do not fall under the wiki's coverage. Examples: John Smith: Special Agent, South Park, Virus.

Prototypes with drastic differences[edit]

Any prototype with enough differences from the final version that it could reasonably be considered a unique game falls under the wiki's coverage, even if it retains the same name as the released version. Examples: Tetris DS.

What the Lost Games Wiki doesn't cover[edit]

Most prototypes[edit]

Prototypes of released games, while very interesting, don't fall under the wiki's coverage unless the requirements stated in the above sections apply.

Tech demos[edit]

Tech demos that were never intended for release (such as the NES Test Cart, Tommy T's Play Me Sound Editor, or the SNES Burn-In Test Cart) do not fall under the wiki's coverage.

Unreleased consoles[edit]

Game consoles that were never commercially available (such as the SNES-CD and Panasonic M2) don't fall under the wiki's coverage as of this time. This is likely to change in the near future!

PC games[edit]

Currently, the Lost Games Wiki does not cover unreleased PC games, due the sheer number of them and the desire to prevent the wiki from having a notability rule.

Released games[edit]

This should go without saying.