Kitty's Catch

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Kitty's Catch
Kitty's Catch Title.PNG
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer David Wiebenson
Director(s) David Wiebenson
Producer(s) David Wiebenson
Designer(s) David Wiebenson
Programmer(s) David Wiebenson
Artist(s) David Wiebenson
Composer(s) David Wiebenson
Planned Release Date USA 1989

Kitty's Catch is a cancelled NES game created by GameTek employee David Wiebenson in his spare time. Wiebenson pitched Kitty's Catch to several publishers, all of which refused to publish the game. Eventually, several prototypes were discovered and purchased in a lot by the Nolan brothers, who released the most complete ROM to the public.

Kitty's Catch is a two-player game where players control cats named Pitter and Patter, and have to catch fish with their tails. The first player to fill their bucket with fish gets a shell, and the player with the most shells at the end of the time limit wins. There are also several power-ups obtained by collecting tin cans, such as larger hooks.

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