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Elveon logo.gif
Platform PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Developer 10Tacle
Climax Group
Publisher 10Tacle
Designer(s) Michal Ivan
Planned Release Date USA Summer 2007[1][2]
Q4 2011[3]
Germany Unknown

Elveon is an action RPG about an elf warrior who has to free the ancient city of Nimathar, the portal to the gods' realm.[3] Elveon was originally developed by 10Tacle Studios in Bratislava, Slovakia, until the company lost money and had to shut down its Bratislava studios. Development was then transferred to the UK-based Climax Group in cooperation with 10Tacle, until Climax's London location closed.

In 2008, news related to Elveon came to a halt, and the game was generally assumed to be cancelled; this was later confirmed in 2010 by one of the game's designers.[4]

In 2015, several former 10Tacle employees acquired the trademark for Elveon, and began another attempt at creating the game using Unreal Engine 4.[5]



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