Dreamworld Pogie

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Dreamworld Pogie
Pogie title.png
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer Codemasters
Publisher Camerica
Planned Release Date USA 1993

Dreamworld Pogie is an unlicensed NES platform. It was advertised as "Coming Soon" in the box of the NES accessory Aladdin Deck Enhancer released by Camerica, but at that time a game for SNES was sold, and NES sales were about to end It seems to do. As a result, Aladdin Deck Enhancer did not sell as expected, and at the end of the sale, Camerica went bankrupt and Dreamworld Pogie was canceled.[1] However, crowd funding for the release of Andrew Nicholas Oliver and Philip Edward Oliver (known as Oliver Twins), who once developed the Dizzy series at Codemasters on December 16, 2016 Started with Kickstarter. As a result, £ 28,943 was raised and the game was successfully released.[2] Later, the ROM has been surfaced so you can play easily.[3]

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