Dr. Franken (Genesis)

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Not to be confused with Dr. Franken (Game Gear).
Dr. Franken
Platform Sega Genesis
Developer Motivetime
Publisher Codemasters

Dr. Franken is a platformer starring a Frankenstein parody named Dr. Franken, who has to find the scattered remains of his dead girlfriend. A Genesis version was planned, and announced in Mean Machines Sega,[1] but no prototypes have surfaced.

A Game Gear version was also planned, and an early prototype was eventually found and publicly dumped.


  1. "Codemasters have just signed a deal with Elite to convert one of their better titles to the Megadrive. The first of these is Joe And Mac: Caveman Ninja, but also on its way is Doctor Franken. The everyday story of a mad scientist, Franken sets the player the unenviable task of retrieving the scattered body parts of his latest monstrous creation. However, the locals don't like strangers 'round 'ere and promptly try to bump the eccentric prof off. Expect a preview real soon." Mean Machines Sega issue 18 (page 12).