Dota-kun no Bōken Rōman

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Dota-kun no Bōken Rōman
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer Imagineer
Publisher WaveJack Jr.
Planned Release Date Japan September 4, 1987

Dota-kun no Bōken Rōman (ドタ冒険浪漫, meaning Dota-Kun's Romantic Adventure) is a cancelled Famicom port of the MSX platformer of the same name. Not much is known about this game, other than that it was planned to be sold in September 1987 at a price of ¥5,300.

No prototypes of the game have surfaced, though one bootleg Legendary Wings cartridge used Dota-kun no Bōken Rōman's logo and artwork on the label.[1]



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