Cooly Skunk

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Cooly Skunk
Cooly title.PNG
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer Ukiyotei
Publisher Visit
Planned Release Date Japan February 23, 1996
USA Unknown

Cooly Skunk (クーリースカンク) is a planned and cancelled platform game for Super Famicom and SNES. The release for SNES was cancelled, but it was released for PlayStation. The reason for the cancellation may be that the release time was when PlayStation was gaining popularity, and that it was decided that Super Famicom games would not sell. The game was once shown in Shoshinkai in 1995. In late 2019, a BS-X "8M" cartridge for Satellaview modem peripherals labeled "Cooly Skunk" was placed in a display case at "Super Potato"(Used video game retailer in Japan) in Akihabara, Tokyo. It has been revealed that the game was broadcast as a demo once playable as a Satellaview service. Initially, the game only played three worlds, after which it was reset to the title screen, but it became clear that everything from the final boss to the end credit was in ROM. And thanks to the efforts of ROM hacker MasterF0x, you can play to the end.[1] The game is currently protected by Hidden Palace user Billscat-socks.[2]

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