Bound High!

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Bound High!
Platform Virtual Boy
Developer Japan System Supply
Publisher Nintendo
Planned Release Date Japan February 23, 1996[citation needed]
USA August 26, 1996[citation needed]

Bound High! is a Virtual Boy game intended to save the console from poor sales. The plot of the game involves a bouncing robot, Chalvo, in his quest to stop aliens trying to invade Earth.

Players have to make Chalvo land on enemies and throw them off the field to defeat them. If Chalvo falls off the field, he loses a life. The field is made of blocks with varying properties. Some blocks are solid, some disappear after one hit, some reveal items or other objects, and some lead to "Another Stage", a mirrored version of the field with inverted colors.

There are several modes of gameplay:

  • Adventure of Chalvo: The primary mode of gameplay, featuring four worlds with 11 levels each.
  • Score Attack: A puzzle mode where the player has to complete 16 special levels, trying to get a specified score.
  • Random Game: A mode where the player has to complete random levels of varying difficulty.
  • Pocket and Cushion: In this mode, the player is on a course with several holes, and has to move a specific number of balls into the holes within a specified time limit. There are 16 initial levels, with four more being earned after those are completed.

Beta elements[edit | edit source]

See here.