American Crisis

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American Crisis
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer C&E
Publisher American Video Entertainment
Planned Release Date USA Unknown

American Crisis is an unlicensed NES game developed for American Video Entertainment by the Taiwanese company C&E, which was based on the Gulf War. the game was planned for a release in 1991, but ended up cancelled due to AVE going out of business.

American Crisis was previously unknown, as it was never announced, but a prototype was found in 2003 by TRM, owner of the now-defunct website, The NES Warp Zone. Gameplay involves controlling a soldier, who is deployed to either Iran or Iraq, and has to reach the end of each stage.

The Iran mission is the easier one, as the player begins with an unlimited supply of explosives, along with a knife for close-range attacks. The Iraq stage is more difficult, with the player only having 10 grenades and a machine gun.

Judging from the title screen, there is likely a battle against Saddam Hussein and/or the Ayatollah Khomeini, though this is currently unknown, as TRM never completed the game. The ROM has never been dumped.

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