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Akira genesis title.pngSega Genesis version title.
Platform Game Boy
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Genesis
Sega CD
Sega Game Gear
Developer Ice Software (Game Boy)
Black Pearl Software (Genesis)
Handmade Software (SNES)
Publisher T*HQ
Planned Release Date USA 1994

Akira (アキラ) is a platformer cancelled based on a comic of the same name written by Katsuhiro Ootomo and 1988 anime film. T*HQ has licensed Akira and planned releases for Game Boy, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear and Sega CD. A big feature of the game is that the game play on each stage is differently. Although it is a side-scroll on a normal stage, in a scene where Kanada fights Joker, it becomes a motorcycle race like Super Hang-On and it will be FPS in the scene where Tetsuo wanders around the laboratory. In the scene where Kanada and Kei are maneuvering the hovering car, it becomes a maze like stage that can fly up and down, left and right, and in the greatly mutated Tetsuo scene it seems to be beat em up game. It has been reviewed by several video game magazines but, the development was canceled because the project manager who did not understand the limitations of SNES could not get a clear agreement on game elements, the lead programmer quit in the middle of the project.[1][2] You can watch a short gameplay video of SNES and Genesis taken at CES in the summer of 1994.[3][4] Around 2016 Patrick Scott Patterson discovered an unfinished Gameboy prototype and played it.[5] In 2019, Matsuda discovered the Genesis version and was dumped by drx. The prototype was streamed on Twitch and released on December 25 at Hidden Palace.[6]

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