9 in 1

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9 in 1
Caltron 9-in-1 Title Screen.jpg
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer NTDEC
Publisher Caltron
Planned Release Date USA 1992

9 in 1 is an unlicensed multicart for the Nintendo Entertainment System, based on Caltron 6 in 1. Only one copy is known to exist; the cartridge was listed several times on eBay before its ROM was dumped in October 2019.

9 in 1 contains nine NTDEC pirate games, specifically:

  1. Skate Boy
  2. Dream Fighter
  3. Tank
  4. Super Gun
  5. Magic Block
  6. Go! Benny
  7. Sea of Dreamland
  8. Destroyer
  9. Hit Marmot

In late 2015, the prototype went up for sale on Ebay.[1] The prototype was still for sale by early 2017.[2] On March 8, 2017, the listing was taken down by the seller due to the item no longer being available.[3] At some point, the cartridge was purchased by an individual named Sean Fontenot. After consulting with Fontenot, the Video Game History Foundation dumped the 9 in 1 cartridge's ROM in October 2019.

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