Ōkami Tachi no Yabō

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Ōkami Tachi no Yabō
Okami title.jpg
Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Publisher Jaleco
Planned Release Date Japan 1990

Ōkami Tachi no Yabō (狼たちの野望, meaning The Wolves' Ambition) is a canceled Famicom baseball adventure game. In the gameplay, the main character who dropped out of the Military Academy is scouted to the Major League, where he gathers members and fights various teams to enter the Major. From December 10th to 11th 2016, prototype ROM was exhibited at "Jaleco Ten" (ジャレコ展, meaning Jaleco Expo) hosted by video game company City Connection in Akihabara.[1] In addition, City Connection streamed gameplay. (Currently the time shift is over and you cannot watch it.) It was also exhibited at the 1990 Tokyo Toy Show and was reviewed at Electronic Gaming Monthly 14 with photos. President Nobuhiro Yoshikawa has announced on Twitter that he wants to sell this game and Soldam.

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